Friday, 14 July 2017

Taman MBI DesaKu in Kulim, Kedah

"DESA KU is a mixed housing development project situated at Padang Meha, Kulim, State of Kedah, Northern Region of Malaysia." -

Yes, it is a housing area, but they fully utilized their small community field into an attraction area! It is a very nice place to take photos. I went with my family during a weekend and you can guessed it, it was fully packed! SOme of the visitors even rent a bus to visit this area! The management even prepared a public toilet in case you need to go~!

Jelly just enjoys running all the way! I was unable to catch her as she hops from one corner to another corner... LOL! She just loves running...

Padang Meha
MBI DesaKu
Padang MEHA, Kulim

MBI Cactus Garden
MBI Cactus garden

MBI Cactus Garden

Padang Meha
MBI Cactus Garden

Very Huge Sunflower

Garden with a lot of cartoons and fairy

Angel Statue

Japanese Garden

Me and the pagoda

Jelly Enjoys seeing the live Koi Fishes! They are huge indeed!

My Sister In Law trying to pick up the pagoda

Jelly and the Cow Statue

OMG! Jelly is indeed being hungry and wanted milk!

Jelly Enjoys Running

Running non stop

Hide and seek

Rest for 3 seconds and continue running

Father & daughter bonding

Family Photo!
Another garden which is much inner in the housing area with a lot of windmills

Hidden garden with windmills

Night view

Huge mushroom which cannot be eaten

Large tricycle for photo shoot!

Small Lake with water mill & a balcony, actually a nice spot of photoshoot

Night scene with the moon

Both still don't want to go home, LOL!

Night scene with lights

It was a fun trip visiting the area. They had 3  many  community field which is a walking distance and the one with the windmills is more inner site of the housing area. Your cars need to park by the road side.

Notes to consider if bringing kids or elderly people:-
- Place is huge with many photography spots and a lot of plants and decorating stone. Please guide your kids not to throw stones or destroy the plants around. There are even small lakes & cactus at the Cactus Garden so better watch out not to get hurt.
- The gardens are not linked so better watch our for vehicles while crossing the road.
- Wheel chair accessible but need some help to move in between the gardens as there are some slops.
- Make sure to bring a water bottle to keep hydrated as it is not shaded. We visited around 6pm where the sun is setting and it is still warm and hot, but it as some wind. Jelly is soaking wet in sweat as she keeps running!
- Make sure to wear shoes which is comfortable to walk around.
- Better get a spare clothes for kids if they sweat a lot to have a change of clothes. (Jelly sweats a lot and she is soaking wet when we are going home after the walk, so I need to let her change to avoid getting flu while sitting in a air con car with a wet dress)
- It's advisable to  bring an umbrella if it is still very hot to avoid heat stroke.
- The Management also prepares public toilet near the Cactus Garden.

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I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.

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