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Disposable Diaper review (Genki! Pants by Oji Nepia)

I manage to get a packet of Genki! pants samples to try on Jelly since she is now at a active stage and seldom want to lie down to wear tape diapers. Heard that it is also a new diaper brand introduced in Malaysia just recently. Without further delay, I applied for the sample by email and I received the diaper by post 2 weeks later and it is in a mini pack of L10! Jelly is currently wearing L size (12kg & 85cm).
Genki! Pants Review
Genki! Pants
This post I will review on Genki! Pants by Oji Nepia.

This is how the packaging looks like (mainly Blue). The toddler on the front varies from size to size. This is L (9-14kg) 10pcs pack (Mini pack). 
Genki! Pants Packaging Design (Front)

Genki! Pants Packaging Design (Back)

Genki! Pants Packaging Design
Size Chart and instruction on How to put on and how to remove
Instructions available in 3 languages (English, Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin)
Their catalog mentioned about Ultra Absorbent & Cushion Touch

Front View
Blue Lines at the waist indicates the front

Back View

Inside View
Jelly wearing (Front)

Jelly wearing (Back)

Review Summary: 
Absorption: Good, leaving baby with almost dry skin after wee wee
Texture/Feeling: Softer and smoother than PetPet
Price: It is tagged at RM 39.20 for L50 (RM0.784/pc) in 11 Street
Leakage:  Good as no leakage as the sides are flexible. 
Source: Because it is a new diaper which newly launched in Malaysia in June 2016, it is still difficult to get around my local hypermarket. It is available in online store like 11 Street
Notes to add: The side of the diaper at her thigh looks loose but it fits and it also curl in, but it is not stiff or hard so even Jelly moves a lot, it is still gentle to her skin. The waist area is also soft that it doesn't have gather marks after wearing for some time. Jelly doesn't develop nappy rash from wearing it. One disadvantage of wearing this pants is when Jelly poo, I need to tear off the sides to avoid the poo being splattered other place rather than on her buttock only. To throw away with poo also seems messy as I can't tie it like tape type which has a cleaner neater wrap after poo.
I didn't also let Jelly wear over night as afraid that it might leak because of overflow. But so far I let her wear for 5 hours and absorbance rate is quite good, leaving baby dry.
In conclusion, I still prefer tape type unless I am on the run and pant diaper is less troublesome as I don't need her to lie down in order to wear a diaper.

This product review is not sponsored and it is my own honest review.

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