Tuesday, 18 April 2017

DIFO Shampoo & Conditioner (笛梵毛囊净化强根洗发乳 & 笛梵蜗牛原液补水修护发膜) Review

There are tones of choices of shampoo in the market and the reason why I wanted to review this product is because it really works like magic! As you guys can see my photo below that I do have a part of my hair bleached and to care for bleached hair is not as easy as you think! It always feels very dry and got tangled easily. Before going into reviewing the item, I will do some introduction for the product first. 
DIFO Shampoo & Conditioner
(笛梵毛囊净化强根洗发乳 & 笛梵蜗牛原液补水修护发膜)

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Disposable Diaper Review (Goo.N Friend Pants Doraemon Edition)


Introducing Goo.N Friend Doraemon Edition! I am sure most of us know about Doreamon which came from the future from a magic drawer to guide Nobita. It's kinda nostalgia to have our kids wearing one of our favorite childhood manga/anime character on their diaper right? By the way, LAZADA is an online website to purchase all your need including this cute GooN Friend Pants Diaper, Click below Link to see their best offer!