Monday 19 September 2016

Frog Hill / Lombong Guar Petai / Guar Perahu / Abandoned Mines / 大马九寨溝

Recently there is a very popular photography place in Bukit Mertajam (Penang mainland) which it is an abandoned mine area. My sister in law had her wedding photography at this place and she persuade us to visit this location which is known as Frog Hill in Tasek Gelugor. We manage to arrange a time together and without knowing the exact location, we just drive down Kubang Semang road towards Tasek Gelugor (She is not good with directions). As the location doesn't have a clear location or signboard, we eventually lost our way. After asking a few helpful Samaritans (locals) we manage to find our way to the abandoned mine. 
Guar Perahu Guar Petai
Frog Hill

In order to find the mine, must look for the signboard of Kampung Guar Petai and make sure u look for a car servicing workshop named Pusat Service Kereta SNR Fiterah Jaya (Google and Waze doesn't have it), and turn in the small road next to it. Then you will need to by pass a red bricks making factory, follow your right and just drive until the end. Or you can Google for Lombong Kampung Guar Petai 

Photo from Google (Click to Open Google direction)
Kampung Guar Petai
Make sure to notice the Kg Guar Petai Sign Board and Car Work Shop!

By Pass a Red Brick Making Factory

We thought the location is a hill and brought Jelly along and only realized it's an abandoned mining site when we arrived. 

Red Muddy Road

In order to view the scenery we must climb some slopes

Guar Perahu Guar Petai
Some one had hand sprayed "Selamat Datang ke Frog Hill"

At lower land area

A lot of ponds


Another Scenary

It is a little drizzling but that won't stop us for visiting the site
NOTE: Must be very careful to avoid any accidents! 
After climbing some slope, we are able to see some scenery from higher area

Nice View!

Another angle

If it was blue sky it would be prettier!

Frog Hill
One of the pretty angle for photo shoot

Frog HIll
Jelly's dad a climber... I have mild Acrophobia so it's a no-no for me to climb slopes (><)
Jelly and Dad at her mini water pool 
Jelly enjoys splashing water

Wild flower

Jelly just wanna play water until she wet herself!

Photos and selfies

Fun shots!

1) To be safe, never go there alone as the place is very outskirt and doesn't have any residents around.
2) Be mentally prepared to wash your card due to red mud (especially after a raining day)
3) Never allow children to swim there as we are not sure how deep is the pond.
4) If it's hot, prepare an umbrella as the place doesn't have shades and to avoid heat stroke.
5) Make sure to keep close eye and always hold your toddler/child. Accidents happen without warning and they do not have guards at high location.
6) Be sure to wear comfortable (climbing shoes) and keep yourself hydrate if you will be there for a long photo shoot.

Location from Google:

Have fun finding that place and be sure to be safe always! Thanks for visiting my blog.. :)

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