Monday, 31 July 2017

Seventeen Super Lash! Mascara Review

This Seventeen Super Lash! Mascara was a gift from a dear friend of mine. Since after having Jelly, I won't put in extra effort by applying make up like mascara as she will attack unintentionally touch my face and smear my makeup, LOL! Anyway since it is a gift, I might as well put it into good use.
Mascara, boots
Seventeen Super Lash! Mascara

Seventeen Super Lash! Mascara

Seventeen Super Lash! Mascara

Seventeen Super Lash! Mascara and it's Fibre Brush

Seventeen Super Lash! Mascara
The open structure of the fibre brush enables the mascara to be applied more naturally

Seventeen Super Lash! Mascara

It can help to make lash a little longer

Texture: Mine is Brown Black in color. It is nearly black with a little shade of brown. It is kinda dry when applying and doesn't drip. It also dries off around 1 minute after applying. It is very smooth while applying and it doesn't create much lumps to make eye lash looks thicker. It indeed made eye lash a little longer and looking more natural. I personally prefer Black if possible, which make lashes more obvious. It is also easy to clean off when applied with makeup remover, but not so easily fade off if it gets wet with just water alone.(7/10)
Manufacturing: Made in Germany
Notes to add : 
- Comes in 2 tone which is Black & Brown Black.

~ ALWAYS KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Toddlers might injured themselves while trying to imitate us applying mascara at on their eyelash. 


I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Nestle Cerelac NutriPuffs (12months onwards) Review

CERELAC NutriPuffs is a cereal snack that is made with rice, whole wheat, and fruits. It is also high in iron, calcium and vitamin B1 which are important nutrient to support overall growth and development during a child’s growing years. - Nestle Website

I manage to get my free sample packets from Nestle website and tested it on Jelly. It may be a more cheaper alternative compared to HappyBaby Superfood / Organic Puffs. The samples came in 2 flavors, which is Banana & Strawberry (Pink) and Banana & Orange (Orange).

Nestle Cerelac NurteiPuffs
Nestle Cerelac NurteiPuffs

Friday, 14 July 2017

Taman MBI DesaKu in Kulim, Kedah

"DESA KU is a mixed housing development project situated at Padang Meha, Kulim, State of Kedah, Northern Region of Malaysia." -

Yes, it is a housing area, but they fully utilized their small community field into an attraction area! It is a very nice place to take photos. I went with my family during a weekend and you can guessed it, it was fully packed! SOme of the visitors even rent a bus to visit this area! The management even prepared a public toilet in case you need to go~!

Jelly just enjoys running all the way! I was unable to catch her as she hops from one corner to another corner... LOL! She just loves running...

Padang Meha
MBI DesaKu
Padang MEHA, Kulim