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Disposable Diaper Review (Huggies GOLD Ultra Pants for Girls)

As time passes and Jelly started to love wearing pants type of diaper, I manage to get my hands on this Huggies GOLD Ultra Pants for Girls (Sample Link), as Huggies was saying is that the best way to know is TRY! I received the sample after 2 weeks and it is in 2pcs per packet. 

The girls version was in cute pink color and with a cute teddy bear design! Jelly even refuses to remove the pant diaper when I ask her to remove for a bath... It means even little girl (toddler) like Jelly loved the design!

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Huggies - GOLD Ultra Pants for Girls

Sample pack of Huggies - GOLD Ultra Pants for Girls

Some of the diaper's feature
Huggies - GOLD Ultra Pants for Girls
 This diaper which design for girls has some features described as below:-

  • Central absorption for girls providing up to 12 hours dryness
  • Fullness Indicator which changes from Yellow to Blue
  • Specially Designed Comfort Fit around the Waist & Leg area
  • Blue quick dry layer system to help keep baby skin dry
  • Cottony Soft and gentle on baby's skin
  • 100% breathable waistband and outer cover keeps baby waist and bottom well ventilated

Front View of the Diaper

Back View of the Diaper
It has a tape for easy less mess disposal in case we tear by the side.

Inside View of the Diaper

Comparing both XL Size
Left: Huggies GOLD Ultra Pants for Girls
Right: Goo.N Friend Pants Doraemon Edition

Comparing both XL Size
Top: Huggies GOLD Ultra Pants for Girls
Bottom: Goo.N Friend Pants Doraemon Edition
Jelly is currently 31 mo while trying on this diaper. She is now wearing XL size and her approximate weight is 16kg. She is not a fan of pants diaper due to past experience (not so comfortable due to her large backside and thigh). But she loves the design of the diaper with a cute teddy bear and refuse to removed when asked to. She even insist of wearing this diaper when she saw it. It is a little stiff and bulky as below at her back side and on her V area. But it didn't deteriorate after she was walking and running around for  4 hours during day time. Night time wearing for 10 hours also no spot of leakage.
Jelly Wearing Back side - it has a tape for easy disposal if tear the side

Jelly Wearing Front side

Review Summary: 
Absorption: Good, leaving baby with dry skin after wee wee
Texture/Feeling: Softer texture but a little stiffer on the middle (blue area) and bigger, a little more bulky compare to Goo.N Pants Doreamon Edition. The band is very comfortable when wearing and less gather marks after wearing for 4 hours or more. It also has wetness indicator which let parents know if the diaper is already wet. 
Price: Normal Retail Selling Price is XL38 for RM49.50 (RM1.28/pc). (As of August 2017)
Leakage: Very less as it absorb quickly even with baby moving around, also it has leak guards and wetness indicator.
Source: General Hypermarket and Online Shopping

Notes to add: Jelly doesn't develop nappy rash from wearing it during daytime and overnight. It is a little bulky but overall was satisfied. It also has a tape for easy less mess disposal if tearing by the side. The only down side for me is the price.. LOL~!
Sample link : HERE

This product review is not sponsored and it is my own honest review.

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