Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Nueve Color Contect Lens (3 Months Disposable) Review

Year end normally have a lot of occasion and of course every women wishes to look pretty. I came across with Nueve Nplify Big Eyes which come in a 3 months disposable contact lens and has large eye effect and a little pocket friendly since it can last for 3 months and I also don't wear it everyday. I bought my lens from Mr Lens which is a little cheaper compared to normal optical shop. 

I bought a box at Mr Lens for RM 59 (excluding shipping), and the color I choose was Black.
Nueve Nplify Big Eyes
Nueve Nplify Big Eyes

Friday, 16 December 2016

Lucky Delight Cafe 奇福美食 (Kota Permai Bukti Mertajam) Review

This small cafe is located in Taman Kota Permai and is normally full of diners during lunch time. I used to dine here few years back and their diners still as plentiful as it was few years back. I then took my colleague to try this cafe recently and she is a fan of it. 

Lucky Delight Cafe 奇福美食
Lucky Delight Cafe 奇福美食

Thursday, 15 December 2016

LeBoss Cafe Restaurant (Sungai Petani) Review

Although it is a little far from where I am staying, but I personally LOVE this place. Looking for a place to eat as well as to keep toddlers busy, this can be the place! LeBoss is suitable for families to have dinner as kids can be kids!

As I used to dine here during University time, therefore I will always order their signature Chicken Chop with side dish of your choice. As there are only 3 adults with 1 toddler, we all ordered chicken chop with different side dish.

Below are their menus and price list, and it really looks fragile I really scared Jelly tore it apart! LOL! By the way they also offer gathering for events or occasions.
Leboss Menu

Friday, 25 November 2016

Sothys Hydrating Body Mist – Cherry Blossom & Lotus Escape Review

I manage to get to try on the Sothys Hydrating Body Mist Cherry Blossom & Lotus Escape from 100comment! It provides an aromatic escape with cherry blossom and lotus, gently hydrating the skin. Skin is soft, supple and delicately scented.

The benefits of using Sothys Hydrating Body Mist Cherry Blossom & Lotus Escape includes :

  • This milky mist provides an aromatic escape, gently hydrating the skin. Skin is soft, supple and delicately scented.
  • Formulated with extracts from Japanese Cherry Blossoms, penetrates rapidly into the skin, leaving a moisturizing and protective veil on the skin and lightly perfumed the skin.

Direction of using is very easy, just spray over the entire body or locally then massage lightly into the skin.

Sothys Hydrating Body Mist
Sothys Hydrating Body Mist - Cherry Blossom & Lotus Escape

It was not exactly what I had in mind but this is nice. It comes in a spray bottle and size is just nice for 1 hand grip.

I personally like it as it has a medium scented smell that last quite a while after using it. It can work as a mild perfume for me as well as a skin lotion. Spray is also good as it can spread evenly and not get our hands all messy. It also absorbed rather quickly after massaging in circular motion, with no sticky feeling. Skin feeling soft after apply. Suitable to use under air-con room in long period of hours to keep skin hydrate. It also has Seal of Quality to ensure authenticity of the product and it is made in France.

Sothys Hydrating Body Mist 

It even has a Seal of Quality
Item is made in France

Explanation & Direction

Ingredients List

Sothys Hydrating Body Mist - Front

Sothys Hydrating Body Mist - Back

Sothys Hydrating Body Mist
Testing on my hand, it is a milky liquid
The product's appearance & texture:
- Liquid form and quickly absorbed by the skin, making skin feel soft and hydrated.
- Has medium fragrance which can last for at least 2 hours
- In a spray bottle, easy one hand operate
- Suitable for air-con condition to keep skin hydrate.
Price: RM331 for 200ml
Manufacturing: Made in France

This product is my own and honest review.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

GT Hair Saloon (Bukit Mertajam) Review

I wanted to have an hair make over long ago but couldn't find the courage to do it until one day my friend introduce me to try out GT Hair Saloon at Bukit Mertajam, near Tesco area. Without hesitating, I managed to make an appointment with the owner and went on the appointed date.
My Hair Color after 4 hours!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Restorant Wei Xiang Duck Egg Charcoal Char Koay Teow (Alma) 味鄉鴨蛋炒粿條

I will never say reject Char Koey Teow, as it is one of my favorite dish! It can be served at anytime of the day, in the morning as breakfast until as a midnight snack (watch out for the calories if taken as midnight snack, LOL!)

Recently there are a lot of those food specialty shop that only sells one type of cuisine with several modified varieties, and I do noticed this shop, Restaurant Wei Xiang, only selling Char Koay Teow at Alma. We just drop by and pick a spot to sit but we need to order at the counter. 
Restorant Wei Xiang  味鄉鴨蛋炒粿條
Restorant Wei Xiang  味鄉鴨蛋炒粿條 

Monday, 21 November 2016

PSK Q10 Renewing Gel Review

PSK is a new brand in Malaysia. I manage to try to their Q10 Renewing Gel and would like to post my review as below. 
PSK Q10 Renewing Gel

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Taiwan Village Restaurant (Chai Leng Park) Review

Whoever loves Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐) should visit this shop! Stinky Tofu is on of a specialty food in this shop! My colleague is a stinky tofu freak, eventually she drag me here to try it out... lol! This shop is located in Chai Leng Park behind the Chai Leng Park Food Street (喂食街). If you love stinky tofu, you can actually smell it once you walk into the shop... 

Stinky Tofu
Taiwan Village Restaurant
Top Left : Shop signboard, Top Center : Chicken Nuggets, Top Right: Stinky Tofu
Bottom Left: Beef Stew Noddle, Bottom Center : Hot & Spicy Noodle, Bottom Right: Jelly Milk Tea & Papaya with Milk Juice

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Essence The Gel Nail Polish (No Lamp) Review

While scrolling through Watsons store and I came across this brand of nail polish accessories, which is Essence. To my surprise with a price tag of RM 13.90, it is made in UK! Without thinking further, I add this item into my shopping cart and can't wait to try it out. What catches my attention to buy is the the label stated "No Lamp, Lasts 60% better, Extreme Shine" and it is also a Gel nail polish.

I also bought Essence gel polish a while ago (11 4 Ever Young) and will try and see how it works with the base coat.

Nail Polish
Essence The Gel Nail Polish
Left: 11 4 Ever Young
Right: Base Coat


Essence The Gel Nail Polish (No Lamp) Base Coat 
Essence The Gel Nail Polish (No Lamp) Base Coat
Made in UK

Base coat is transparent liquid like

Left finger : No Base Coat, therefore no shine
Right finger : 1 ply base coat, has some shine

Left finger : 1 ply of base coat
Right finger : 2 ply of base coat therefore has smoother shine
Essence The Gel Nail Polish (No UV Lamp Required)
Left :  Nail Polish 11 4 Ever Young
Right : Base Coat
Their Nail Polish is made in Luxembourg

Nail Polish
Nail polish only 1 ply and the color appears solid with smooth finish

Texture: One ply dry to touch around 1 minute. It adds a little gloss to my nail surface and applying the nail polish is rather smooth and won't create smudges. The nail polish (2nd ply) dry to touch around 3 minutes, and it is also smooth even over lap won't show any flaws or smudges. Love the color as it draws attention to my nails on my tanned skin. (8/10)
Source: I bought mine at Watsons store, but their online didn't sell it yet. www.watsons.com.my
Price: RM 13.90 for the Base Coat and RM 7.90 for the nail polish in Watsons
Manufacturing: Base Coat - Made in UK ; Nail Polish - Made in Luxembourg  
Notes to add : 
the gel nail polish system (Copied from Essence website)
1. simply apply the gel nail polish base coat and let it dry completely.
2. then apply the gel nail polish in the colour of your choice and let this dry well, too.
3. for a perfect finish, all you need now is a coat of the gel nail polish top coat – and you’re done!
The nail style is easy to remove using conventional nail polish remover.

~ It doesn't state it's safe for children to apply so better avoid applying.

Website: http://www.essence.eu/my/products/nails/

I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Homemade Burger at Little Corner Cafe (Kota Permai Bukit Mertajam) Review

My colleagues introduce me to this homemade burger at Kota Permai, Bukit Mertajam. I wanted to try long ago but due to their working hours is after lunch and before dinner, I always missed the time to try it out. One fine day, I manage to have the chance to manage to buy and try it out (of course skipping dinner and had supper instead, LOL!)

The homemade burger is located in Kota Permai, Bukit Mertajam, named Little Corner Cafe.
Little Corner Cafe
And their Burger stall

WePrint - Latest trend in instant photo printing

In this post, I would like to introduce all to Weprint which is the latest trend in Instant photo printing! I remember last time those instant photo printing in shopping malls are snap on the spot and print out, and imagine we want to print photos from our camera or phone that time, need to save in CD and visit photography shop and ask them to print out which is slightly costly. Now technology changes everything and WePrint enables us to print out photos from our smart phone using WeChat app! (who ever has a smartphone doesn't use WeChat these days, right?)
Latest trend in instant photo printing

Friday, 7 October 2016

Disposable Diaper review (Genki! Pants by Oji Nepia)

I manage to get a packet of Genki! pants samples to try on Jelly since she is now at a active stage and seldom want to lie down to wear tape diapers. Heard that it is also a new diaper brand introduced in Malaysia just recently. Without further delay, I applied for the sample by email and I received the diaper by post 2 weeks later and it is in a mini pack of L10! Jelly is currently wearing L size (12kg & 85cm).
Genki! Pants Review
Genki! Pants
This post I will review on Genki! Pants by Oji Nepia.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

洪妈妈私房菜 肉骨茶火锅 / Hung Mama Bak Kut Teh Review

We wanted to try this place long ago and we came 4 times without reservation(last minute planning) on weekend and we often go home hungry and disappointing because they are so many customers that came and we often couldn't get a table. Maybe fifth time is a charm for us and also we came on a normal weekday. They are famous for their seafood on the table as well! Chinese name as "海鲜大聚会" means "Seafood Gathering". Many had spread how delicious and good is this place so my parent's in law wanted to try it so they can boast about it. Sad part about this post is that my phone spoiled so I use an old phone with poor photography.. :'( Apologies for such a poor quality photography in this post...

洪妈妈私房菜 肉骨茶火锅 海鲜大聚会

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Disposable Diaper review (Petpet Night Tape)

Since Jelly is getting older (means more night bladder) and I was considering to try Petpet night tape. Petpet is still my main choice of using at night for long hours but since they have night tape, I bought a small packet to try it out. In this post I will do a review on PETPET Night Tape and also will include a size comparison between Normal PETPET Tape later on.
PETPET Night Tape

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tech Dome Penang at Komtar Dome

Tech Dome Penang let me feel like a kid again and experience Science in another new perspective. Wonder what they have? Seeing their price list makes me wonder "Is it worth it?" It is located at Penang's Komtar Dome. As I don't usually travel to Penang Island just for shopping so not very familiar with the parking area. You can park at several areas around Komtar. We had selected to park at Pragin Multi-level car park and walk over to Komtar using the link bridge (As some parking charged by hour and some charged at per-entry).
Tech Dome Penang
Tech Dome Penang

After sneaking through Pragin Mall and entered Komtar, they have signs showing where is Tech Dome is and we just follow their signs.

Need to go up the escalator
Tech Dome Penang
We had arrived!
After getting our tickets, we went exploring the area. Their main attraction is the G-Drop which looks like a giant "J". Noted at their counter that G-Drop, G-Force & Speed Climb/Dark Tower/ Circuit Breaker has operating time which is 11am, 2pm & 4pm.

After climb up the escalator after getting our tickets, we can see the giant G-Drop at the centre of the Tech Dome. Below are some of photos (mostly with Jelly playing) and Tech Dome Penang houses over 120 interactive scientific and technology exhibits! Jelly enjoys playing some!
After came up from the escalator

Jelly observing the robot dancing

CCTV Surveillance area and they have free WIFI!

Jelly enjoys pressing the coloured shadows button

Jelly keep asking the mannequin to wake up

Some of their exhibits and one of my selfie
Tech Dome's Introduction

Tech Dome Penang
The G-Drop on top left, and some other exhibits (up and downstairs)

G-Drop Challenge 

Programmed robotics (too advance for toddlers)

Jelly enjoys putting in the ping pong ball into the maze table.
The table is a little too high for toddlers  

Tech Dome Penang
G-Drop Challenge

Jelly experimenting with the plasma tube!
After she touches it, we are not touch her as she will have a very very minor electricity that can shock us!

Jelly with her own dancing skeleton
The skeleton will follow her movements

Jelly trying to catch a ball supported by air (Bernoulli effect)
She is more interested in the ball
Jelly playing with a motion sensor

This Wisper Dish is so fun!
I can hear Jelly talking from my end!

How animation are made

There are many more interactive exhibits which you need to come and experience yourself!

Next we explore the baby-toddler's area, which is the Exploration Zone sponsored by IJM LAND
Penang Tech Dome
Exploration Zone

Some sellers selling educational toys

Some of the equipment at the Exploration Zone

Interactive games
Jelly enjoys this area more

Their nursing room is very disappointing . It is just a very small room with a counter with a sink. No chairs, no bin, no changing bed, don't expect to have hot water dispenser. Maybe my expectation of a nursing room is very high as I seen how Entopia has them done nicely.
The Nursing/Changing room is circle in Red Heart

This is how it looks like, not a friendly nursing room.
(Photo taken from Tech Dome Penang Website)
I saw this room and I didn't take a photo of it
as I didn't knew it was a nursing room until I visited their website to know about it

Overall review: 
Atmosphere: It is one of the latest attraction place in Penang. The place is still new and need more improvements. As their Exhibits are all interactive, visitors won't feel bored going for the 2nd time. As usual, Jelly just love running around and she loves the Exploration Zone. A good place to learn and bring family to visit. Suitable for children above 5 as they can play and learn science.

Service: They have 1 nursing rooms(Next to the toilet), which is not equipped, unless I am expected to nurse while standing. Other that that, their staffs are friendly and well trained, as they know what are the exhibits and teach us even without us asking how to play them. They are also very easy approaching visitors. Feel free to ask them if you have any doubts about their exhibits!

Admission Rates:
1) Child below age of 5 - FREE
2) Child (5-12 years old)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 12
     ► Normal                                  - RM 24
     ► OKU                                      - RM 6
     ► Annual                                   - RM 80
3) Student (With Valid ID)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 16
     ► Normal                                  - RM 32
     ► OKU                                      - RM 8
     ► Annual                                   - RM 120
4) Adult (13 years old and above)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 20
     ► Normal                                  - RM 40
     ► OKU                                      - RM 10
     ► Annual                                   - RM 150
5) Senior Citizen (60 years old and above)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 12
     ► Normal                                  - RM 24
     ► OKU                                      - RM 6
6) Family Package (2 Adult & 2 Children)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 55
     ► Normal                                  - RM 110

*All prices inclusive of GST 6%. 
*Foreigners with valid work permit and/or under the MM2H programme will also qualify for "With MyKad" pricing.

*10% discount for group more than 10 people upon prior arrangement.

Extra Notes:
~ Nursing room is available
~ No smoking area
~ Car park at several malls nearby and each parking rates varies, some by hour some by entry. (We parked at Pragin Mall multilevel car park which their parking rate is by per entry) 

For more information, you can visit their website

Where is it? View the Google map below!

I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.