Tuesday, 27 September 2016

洪妈妈私房菜 肉骨茶火锅 / Hung Mama Bak Kut Teh Review

We wanted to try this place long ago and we came 4 times without reservation(last minute planning) on weekend and we often go home hungry and disappointing because they are so many customers that came and we often couldn't get a table. Maybe fifth time is a charm for us and also we came on a normal weekday. They are famous for their seafood on the table as well! Chinese name as "海鲜大聚会" means "Seafood Gathering". Many had spread how delicious and good is this place so my parent's in law wanted to try it so they can boast about it. Sad part about this post is that my phone spoiled so I use an old phone with poor photography.. :'( Apologies for such a poor quality photography in this post...

洪妈妈私房菜 肉骨茶火锅 海鲜大聚会

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Disposable Diaper review (Petpet Night Tape)

Since Jelly is getting older (means more night bladder) and I was considering to try Petpet night tape. Petpet is still my main choice of using at night for long hours but since they have night tape, I bought a small packet to try it out. In this post I will do a review on PETPET Night Tape and also will include a size comparison between Normal PETPET Tape later on.
PETPET Night Tape

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tech Dome Penang at Komtar Dome

Tech Dome Penang let me feel like a kid again and experience Science in another new perspective. Wonder what they have? Seeing their price list makes me wonder "Is it worth it?" It is located at Penang's Komtar Dome. As I don't usually travel to Penang Island just for shopping so not very familiar with the parking area. You can park at several areas around Komtar. We had selected to park at Pragin Multi-level car park and walk over to Komtar using the link bridge (As some parking charged by hour and some charged at per-entry).
Tech Dome Penang
Tech Dome Penang

After sneaking through Pragin Mall and entered Komtar, they have signs showing where is Tech Dome is and we just follow their signs.

Need to go up the escalator
Tech Dome Penang
We had arrived!
After getting our tickets, we went exploring the area. Their main attraction is the G-Drop which looks like a giant "J". Noted at their counter that G-Drop, G-Force & Speed Climb/Dark Tower/ Circuit Breaker has operating time which is 11am, 2pm & 4pm.

After climb up the escalator after getting our tickets, we can see the giant G-Drop at the centre of the Tech Dome. Below are some of photos (mostly with Jelly playing) and Tech Dome Penang houses over 120 interactive scientific and technology exhibits! Jelly enjoys playing some!
After came up from the escalator

Jelly observing the robot dancing

CCTV Surveillance area and they have free WIFI!

Jelly enjoys pressing the coloured shadows button

Jelly keep asking the mannequin to wake up

Some of their exhibits and one of my selfie
Tech Dome's Introduction

Tech Dome Penang
The G-Drop on top left, and some other exhibits (up and downstairs)

G-Drop Challenge 

Programmed robotics (too advance for toddlers)

Jelly enjoys putting in the ping pong ball into the maze table.
The table is a little too high for toddlers  

Tech Dome Penang
G-Drop Challenge

Jelly experimenting with the plasma tube!
After she touches it, we are not touch her as she will have a very very minor electricity that can shock us!

Jelly with her own dancing skeleton
The skeleton will follow her movements

Jelly trying to catch a ball supported by air (Bernoulli effect)
She is more interested in the ball
Jelly playing with a motion sensor

This Wisper Dish is so fun!
I can hear Jelly talking from my end!

How animation are made

There are many more interactive exhibits which you need to come and experience yourself!

Next we explore the baby-toddler's area, which is the Exploration Zone sponsored by IJM LAND
Penang Tech Dome
Exploration Zone

Some sellers selling educational toys

Some of the equipment at the Exploration Zone

Interactive games
Jelly enjoys this area more

Their nursing room is very disappointing . It is just a very small room with a counter with a sink. No chairs, no bin, no changing bed, don't expect to have hot water dispenser. Maybe my expectation of a nursing room is very high as I seen how Entopia has them done nicely.
The Nursing/Changing room is circle in Red Heart

This is how it looks like, not a friendly nursing room.
(Photo taken from Tech Dome Penang Website)
I saw this room and I didn't take a photo of it
as I didn't knew it was a nursing room until I visited their website to know about it

Overall review: 
Atmosphere: It is one of the latest attraction place in Penang. The place is still new and need more improvements. As their Exhibits are all interactive, visitors won't feel bored going for the 2nd time. As usual, Jelly just love running around and she loves the Exploration Zone. A good place to learn and bring family to visit. Suitable for children above 5 as they can play and learn science.

Service: They have 1 nursing rooms(Next to the toilet), which is not equipped, unless I am expected to nurse while standing. Other that that, their staffs are friendly and well trained, as they know what are the exhibits and teach us even without us asking how to play them. They are also very easy approaching visitors. Feel free to ask them if you have any doubts about their exhibits!

Admission Rates:
1) Child below age of 5 - FREE
2) Child (5-12 years old)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 12
     ► Normal                                  - RM 24
     ► OKU                                      - RM 6
     ► Annual                                   - RM 80
3) Student (With Valid ID)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 16
     ► Normal                                  - RM 32
     ► OKU                                      - RM 8
     ► Annual                                   - RM 120
4) Adult (13 years old and above)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 20
     ► Normal                                  - RM 40
     ► OKU                                      - RM 10
     ► Annual                                   - RM 150
5) Senior Citizen (60 years old and above)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 12
     ► Normal                                  - RM 24
     ► OKU                                      - RM 6
6) Family Package (2 Adult & 2 Children)
     ► Subsidised (MyKad/MyKid) - RM 55
     ► Normal                                  - RM 110

*All prices inclusive of GST 6%. 
*Foreigners with valid work permit and/or under the MM2H programme will also qualify for "With MyKad" pricing.

*10% discount for group more than 10 people upon prior arrangement.

Extra Notes:
~ Nursing room is available
~ No smoking area
~ Car park at several malls nearby and each parking rates varies, some by hour some by entry. (We parked at Pragin Mall multilevel car park which their parking rate is by per entry) 

For more information, you can visit their website

Where is it? View the Google map below!

I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Frog Hill / Lombong Guar Petai / Guar Perahu / Abandoned Mines / 大马九寨溝

Recently there is a very popular photography place in Bukit Mertajam (Penang mainland) which it is an abandoned mine area. My sister in law had her wedding photography at this place and she persuade us to visit this location which is known as Frog Hill in Tasek Gelugor. We manage to arrange a time together and without knowing the exact location, we just drive down Kubang Semang road towards Tasek Gelugor (She is not good with directions). As the location doesn't have a clear location or signboard, we eventually lost our way. After asking a few helpful Samaritans (locals) we manage to find our way to the abandoned mine. 
Guar Perahu Guar Petai
Frog Hill

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Famous Doll Moon Cake Sungai Petani from Tho H'ng/ Tho Hng (公仔月饼 桃园茶室)

Besides Steamed Hor Fun, Sungai Petani also produce nice Doll Moon Cake. Since it's Chinese Lunar 15th day of 8th Month, kids love taking lantern walking around alleys and adults will enjoy and exchange moon cakes.
Tho Hng Pandan Coconut Doll Moon Cake
Tho Hng Doll Moon Cake
Moon Cake
Jelly and her cousins enjoying taking lantern and walking around the alley

My colleague introduce this famous Doll Moon Cake from Sungai Petani from Tho H'ng (桃园茶室), which she say need to queue up to buy and they freshly baked everyday to cater for their demand! I don't really like coconut filling but this is delicious and different from what i ate in the past. They are fresh an dstill hot when my colleague bought it.

Tho Hng Pandan Coconut Doll Moon Cake
Their Paper Bag

Tho Hng Pandan Coconut Doll Moon Cake
Their packaging

Tho Hng Pandan Coconut Doll Moon Cake
Their Doll Moon Cake come in 21pcs
(Pandan Coconut Filling)
Tho Hng Pandan Coconut Doll Moon Cake
Tho H'ng Pandan Coconut Doll Moon Cake

Overall Review :
Taste: Not very sweet, soft and fresh. It doesn't even stick to molars like some other moon cakes. It is as soft as a pound cake.  I rarely ate coconut filling as I am afraid it won't be fresh but this is very fresh and nice. I can eat 4 pieces in one go... OMG! I just can't stop...   (8/10)
Fillings: Pandan Coconut
Price: RM15/box of 21pcs
Notes: My colleague say the also have plain flavor (Without filling)
Address: 306, Jalan Kuala Ketil,08000 Sg Petani,Kedah.
Phone: 04-4219850

View below for Google location.
I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Breastfeeding Event Organized by DAP Wanita Bagan on 11 Sept 2016 年国际哺乳周

Since I am still proudly breastfeed my 20 month old little Jelly, I get ourselves registered and join an event organized by DAP Wanita Bagan to support and normalized breastfeeding together with 19 other breastfeeding mommies! This event's main purpose is to spread the awareness and benefits of breastfeeding and also to encourage breastfeeding. With no registration fees, I just bring Jelly to attend this event at 9.30am morning. 
A Date with Penang Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Leng

Monday, 12 September 2016

Steamed Hor Fun (Flat Rice Noodle) at Restoran Dua Satu Enam Lapan 陈玉娇厨师饭店 Review

Sungai Petani
Steamed Hor Fun
I used to study in Sungai Petani and this shop is near my University's old campus. I used to dine her with my uni-mates which is 10 years ago! OMG! Time flies!. I miss this place actually. This shop is famous for it's Steamed Hor Fun (Or flat rice noodle). This shop looks like normal kopitiam but they also sell economical rice. One thing I miss eating is their steamed Hor Fun! During lunch hour, their place are fully packed and table sharing are very common. I am dining alone so i share a table with 2 Indian ladies with two toddlers (Yup, indians diners are common here too!)

I ordered my Steamed Hor Fun from the red shirt lady and take my sit and wait for around 10 mins. 
I placed my order to the lady in red shirt

Some of their local regular customers

Their price list for drinks

Their kitchen & drinks counter on the right

They also have place to sit outdoor but since it's raining, it is empty
I ordered Steamed Hor Fun & Cold Herbal tea.
Steamed Hor Fun - RM6 (1 person's portion)
Cold Herbal Drink - RM1
Overall Review :
Taste: Not very salty and suit my taste. I love and miss the flavor, feel kinda nostalgic. The ingredients used are fresh. The Steamed Hor Fun (1 person's portion) came in with a chunky piece of fish, a prawn, some mushrooms, a large piece of tomato and an half boil egg. If you wan your egg well done, can leave it longer as the porcelain bowl can retain heat and cook the egg yolk, or inform the lady when you place your order. The portion is also just right for me (big eater). Didn't feel thirsty after finishing the meal. (9/10)
Service: Order at counter and pay at counter. Self service. (7/10)
Price: RM 6 for 1 person's portion for Steamed Hor Fun.
~ Child seat is also available.
~ Ample car park available.
~ They also have catering service.
Address: 34, Lengkok Cempaka 1, Bandar Amanjaya, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia
Phone: +6012- 472 1499+60 12-438 2437
Hours: Open Daily from 11am - 11pm, certain closing date is stated on their counter.

View below for Google location.

I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Braun's New Thermometer (Model: IRT6030) Review

As a new parent, I always get paranoid if my baby’s down with a fever. I will be super sensitive if she is turning a little warm and will check her temperature to see if she has a fever. But it is very normal for a baby to have fever when they are teething or having infections, in which fever is how their body protect themselves from fighting with illness by increasing body temperature. As due to Jelly is a breastfeeding baby, I will not go to the doctor if her temperature is below 38.5°C and not more than 2 days, because breast milk contains antibody for her to fight infection and get well better. 

The difficult part of a toddler having a fever is taking her temperature. I used to have a conventional digital thermometer where we stick it at her armpit for measurement. It took 2-3 minutes and Jelly won’t stay still and I need to take several times to ensure accuracy. Lucky BRAUN’s new thermometer (Model: IRT6030) makes taking temperature a lot easier! Only a few seconds and it is done! It’s more comfortable for Jelly as well. I can also take her temperature in a dark room since it has night light feature, unlike those conventional digital thermometer as we need to on the light to see the readings. It also has pre-warmed tip technology so baby won’t be in shock while feeling the cold tip of the thermometer, and it’s suitable to check on baby’s temperature while they are asleep.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

EnviroHome Baby Natural Bottle Wash Review

One of the major decision to make after getting a baby is about their most important feeding utensils which is bottles. Selecting a good/expensive bottles would be useless if we are unable to clean it in a proper way. As due to newborn's tummy is very fragile, any little foreign materials or germs will give baby a bad tummy ache and have infections or diarrhea. Therefore a good bottle wash is also needed to ensure it is gentle and safe to cleanse baby's feeding utensils, not limiting to bottles only.

In this post, I am going to review about Baby Natural Bottle Wash by EnviroHome. EnviroHome has many series, and one of them is about Baby Care. For EnviroHome Top-to-Toe Baby Wash, please view HERE.
EnviroHome Baby Natural Bottle Wash
Baby Natural Bottle Wash

EnviroHome Top-to-Toe Baby Wash Review

Just a brief introduction about EnviroHome. Who are they?
An idea for natural and pure, EnviroHome focuses on building a greener home for your family. As it doesn’t use preservation, antiseptic, surfactant and other chemical substance that are poisonous to us, we only pick ingredients that are truly benefits the skin with formulation development. We always try to meet with the consumer’s needs weather it is house hold products or personal car products as we wish that all our customers will live by it. - Source EnviroHome

In this post, I am going to review about Top-to-Toe Baby Wash by EnviroHome. EnviroHome has many series, and one of them is about Baby Care.  For EnviroHome Baby Natural Bottle Wash, please view HERE.

Baby Wash
Top-To-Toe Baby Wash

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Printcious Product Review (DryFit Kids)

After going through the products in Printcious, I had decided to get a very cute little shirt for Jelly! (View HERE for Website details). After designing and upload the image, then make payment. After payment I just wait for it to arrive as I thought it would take at least to arrive. To my surprise it came on the 5th day! 
Print t-shirt
Precious Gift From Your Heart

I opened the package impatiently, then wash and let Jelly wear it the next day! I had ordered Dryfit Kids (S) size and after receiving it is size 24 at the tag. It fitted Jelly just nice. 

Jelly's measurements:
Age: 20 month old
Weight: 12kg 
Height: 83cm 
Size: S (24)
Jelly Pose 1

Jelly Pose 2

Jelly Pose 3
Their Dryfit kids come in 3 size or measurements. I had selected S size for Jelly. Measurements are in cm.
Kids size

Their t-shirt lay down. The back of the shirt is slightly longer than front (view as below).
Dryfit Kids - Size S

Print Quality (only front)

Detailed view of the print Quality
Experience: Jelly was comfortable while wearing it. It is smooth and stretchable, which is suitable for active toddlers. The print quality was good, as it won't peel off if stretched or scratched. After washing the colors doesn't fade easily either. The cloth material is just suitable for hot and humid weather in Malaysia. The color variance between image view on monitor and print out depends on your monitor resolution. So far I am very satisfied with the print quality and color. 

Details of the Shirt: (Link to design your own T-Shirt HERE)
  • Polyester performance T-shirt that helps improve physical performance
  • Supports the body's natural temperature regulating mechanism. .
  • Works great in hot weather but also a great choice in cooler temperatures.
  • Won't become damp and chilly like cotton shirts.
  • For year-round comfort, make a performance T-shirt your first choice.
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Sizes available: Unisex: S, M, L
  • Colour: White
  • Printing: Heat Transfer
Price: RM39.00 (I bought mine during promotion until 16 September, only RM  27.30 (-30%) )
West Malaysia (Standard Delivery) - Delivered in 3 - 5 working days - RM 8.00
West Malaysia (Express)  - Delivered in 1 - 2 working days - RM 20.00
East Malaysia Delivered in 4 - 6 working days - RM 15.00
Self Collect at Printcious office in Klang (Pick up during working hours.) - FREE
Singapore by Pos Domestic - Delivered in 7 working days - RM 45.00
Free on orders of RM 60 or more

Company Details:
 Phone: +6019- 323 2502
 Email: ask@printcious.my
 Address: No. 30, First Floor, Jalan Tiara 4, Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
 Working Hours: Mon - Fri (9:00am - 6:00pm), Sat (9:00am - 1:00pm), Sun & Public Holiday (Closed)