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Baby samples link & Government Hospital bag Checklist

New Parent? Baby on the way? There are plenty of baby products in the market. From diapers to bottles to breast pump and even formula(for parents who decided not to breastfeed). Being a parent is a very challenging event where you have to make all the decisions some before baby is even born (example, diapers and which hospital to choose).

Hospital bag
Little Jelly when she was 4 months old

I am not from a wealthy family so I opt to go for government hospital (But hey, many parents and government staff also deliver in government hospitals too!) and my mother in law did home confinement for me. 

Below is the link of items which I had compiled for new parents to apply for samples before actually purchasing the full range in MALAYSIA. 

Maternal & Lactating Formula:

Baby Formula 
(Note: Mother's breast milk is still always the best milk for the baby!)
Below 1  year:

1 year and above:
Delivery Bag / Box:

Mamypoko - My personal review on Easy Fit Pants HERE
Petpet - My personal review HERE

Sanitary Pad:
Kao Laurier

Feminine wash:

** All link above is still working and functioning on 28 May 2016.

My Hospital Bag (Government Hospital)
Why I mentioned Government Hospital is because we need to be well prepared compare to private which visiting time is more linear and flexible compared to Government Hospital which is more strict on visiting and they eventually lock us up if it is not visiting hours, so if you forget to bring something, it would be hectic to ask the nurse to open the gate and pass the items to us.

It is also advisable to prepare your hospital bag (except food) around week 32 of your pregnancy as we can't predict when the baby will come... haha! So set aside your hospital bag early and when the baby is coming, just grab your bag and go~! Most government hospital encourage breastfeeding so  bottle and formula is NOT allowed to bring (unless your case is special and cannot breastfeed). 

This list below is for 3D2N in Government Hospital
For mom:
Remember to bring your Red Book or Buku Merah! 
2 sets of clothes (Sarung is advisable) in which one set is to wear home
10 pcs disposable cotton underwear (available at Guardian) - which is more comfortable
10 pcs of maternity pad - which is softer compared to normal sanitary pad
4 pairs of socks
4 pcs of nursing bra
2 pcs of facial towel
Toiletries - Tooth brush, tooth paste, facial wash, comb
Nipple cream - in case of cracked/sore nipples (which is most likely)

For Baby:
2 sets of clothes
4 pairs of mittens and socks
10 pcs of disposable diapers - Newborns poop a lot to get rid of black poop which is meconium, so bring more would be safer.
2 pcs of lampin
1 pcs of towel
2 pcs of handkerchief
1 pkt of wet tissue

To prepare:
- Dried foods like biscuits or bread and drinks like milk, cereal or chocolate (Milo)
- Flask
- Mug
- Spoon
- Tissue
- Plastic bags (for worn clothes)

- Pillow for extra comfort while breastfeeding
- Breast pump to increase milk supply while baby sleeping
- Phone and charger/power bank (but it is compulsory for me... hehe)

To prepare in a separate bag to bring in to Delivery Room (Bilik Bersalin).
- 2pcs maternity pad
- 1 pcs of towel or lampin to wrap baby
- 1 set baby clothes
- 1 set baby mittens and socks
- 1 pcs baby diapers

So there is my long list of items... 
☺☺☺Thanks for visiting and Happy Parenting everyone! ☺☺☺