Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Avatar Garden (Tanjung Tokong, Penang)

It's a new mysterious attraction now in Tanjung Tokong, Penang, which is the Avatar Garden! I and my family mange to visit this area with lots of crowds who wish to enjoy the view as well. Honestly, you have to be there to feel the Pandora Mood~! LOL!

We had our dinner at The Pearl Garden Cafe, just a walking distance before we walk up to the Avatar Garden. With our bellies filled, we walk just 20 meters behind The Pearl Garden Cafe and here we arrived at the Avatar Garden! It is full of stairs and not convenience for those having trouble walking on stairs.

Avatar Garden

We walked at the beach a while before going up the stairs into the Avatar Garden. Below are some photos captured while we are at the beach.
The Pearl Garden Cafe view 
We climb up the tower but it's kinda dangerous for younger children as it is very sloppy and the gap was huge.

Tua Pek Kong Temple

Jelly enjoying the sand

Jelly playing with some sand

Jelly again

Jelly & Grandad

Some of the statues at the beach

After roaming around the beach, we walked up the road between the Tua Pek Kong Temple & the Pearl Garden Cafe.
You can notice many people walking around this area
Jelly up the stairs with dad
Stairs to the garden

Beautiful tree lights!

Me & my sis in law 

The lights always changes colors

Tree view

Look up upon the tree

View looking down at the Tua Pek Kong Statue

They even have stone Chinese chess but for decoration only, not for playing.

Won't be tired looking at the trees!

Over view

They had a 5 headed snake statue also

Family Photo
While walking down via another route, we can see light flowers and even MBI name.

Tua Pek Kong

Tua Pek Kong

I even manage to snap a little of the lighting

Overall it was fun and many place to snap photos.

Notes to consider if bringing kids or elderly people:-
- Place is kinda dark, so please keep an eye on your younger kids or older parents to avoid them getting lost.
- There are a lot of stairs and steps to watch out.
- Not wheel chair friendly.
- Make sure to bring a water bottle to keep hydrated as it is kinda humid and warm as no ventilation, and I do sweat a lot.
- Make sure to wear shoes which is comfortable to walk around and avoid slippery.
- It can be slippery if raining or wet.
- Better get a spare clothes for kids if they sweat a lot to have a change of clothes. (Jelly sweats a lot and she is soaking wet when we are going home after the walk, so I need to let her change to avoid getting flu while sitting in a air con car with a wet dress)
- It's advisable to  bring a torch light so some place is very dark without lights.

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I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.

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