Friday, 28 June 2019

Bio-Nutricia Extract Product Review (Roselle Hibiscus, Butterfly Pea Flower, Lemongrass & Pandan Leaf)

We often use coloring in our foods right? We put coloring for food to be more attractive, like jello, tangyuan, and even kuih! In this post, I will share about Bio-Nutricia's Extract Products. They have 5 types of extracts and I am given the chance to try 4 of them which are Roselle Hibiscus, Butterfly Pea Flower, Lemongrass & Pandan Leaf! It's so interesting as all are in different colors! 
Bio-Nutricia Extract Product
From Left To Right
Butterfly Pea Flower, Lemongrass, Roselle Hibiscus & Pandan Leaf 

Each extract comes in a dark colored glass bottle and a metal cap. In Bio-Nutricia's website, they also have some simple recipe for you to try like the easiest one would be beverages. On each bottle, it also states some simple benefits of the extracts, I will show as below:-
Bio-Nutricia Pandan Leaf Extract
High in Antioxidant
Soothing & Cleansing

Roselle Hibiscus Extract & Red Beet
High Antioxidant
Aids in Digestion

Butterfly Pea Flower Extract
Skin Beauty
High Antioxidant

Lemongrass Extract
Relieve & Relax
High Antioxidant

I am heaving lots of ideas on how to taste these products then I think of the Penang famous Nasi 7 Benua then I was wondering why not try using these extracts to cook rice to make them colorful!  

Then I just put the desired amount of how much strength of the color which I like into my uncooked rice and wait for it to cook! It is stated, begin with 1 tablespoon for each 4oz / 113g cup of ingredients & add more depending on desired strength.

My Nasi 4 Benua (as only have 4 colors! Haha!) 

While waiting for the rice to steam in the steamer, I also made some Jello! I put a few coloring onto the Jello in a small mould as below, very colorful! It can also be made into a healthy snack for such hot weather here... Just use their measurements which is 1 tablespoon for each 4oz / 113g cup of ingredients & add more depending on desired strength.
Colorful Jello
A healthy snack for the kids too!
Piggy obviously like Rosselle more than the other flavors

Taste: Each of the extracts has its own taste. Jelly & Piggy like the red one (Roselle Hibiscus Extract & Red Beet) as it has a little sour taste that's why it stated it aids digestion! The Butterfly Pea Flower has a slight scent and my husband likes the scents of it. I prefer the Lemongrass, although it has a slightly bitter taste, it is very fragrant when you mix with rice and you slowly chew it, the aroma will slowly come out in your mouth! Pandan is like the leaf is freshly blended and plucked from your backyard, very refreshing, and I do like it more when cooked with rice, smells like pandan rice. By the way, the Lemongrass extract has a thick gel texture compared to the rest are in liquid form. 
Size/Net Weight: 200g / bottle
Ingredient: Plants Extracts
Note: Once open, need to keep refrigerated.
Direction to use: Begin with 1 tablespoon for each 4oz / 113g cup of ingredients & add more depending on desired strength.

This is written on Jun 2019 and is purely based on my honest review.

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