Sunday, 3 April 2016

Cocorica (drink) Review

Sorry, this booth is now closed ☹

Weather is really hot and humid in where we are staying. Recently there is this brand (Cocorica) of drink which keep growing and spreading in my area which I noticed plenty of people is enjoying. It was just a normal Sunday and we brought Jelly to the nearby playground. Eventually this brand of Cocorica drink is also available there! With much curiosity, I managed to buy 1 cup of green tea flavor without any queue like I used to see in other branches.

Cocorica Signboard

Their Menu which consist of 10 flavors
It is priced at RM5 each cup

They are just using a shipping container to sell their drinks

Their packaging

Cocorica Green Tea
RM 5.00 per cup
A lot of ice which it even touches the bottom of the cup

Jelly loves the cold ice feeling since it's a hot weather
Review :
Taste: I only ordered the green tea flavor. The drink cup is larger than usual cups but it is just full of ice. As u can see in the picture that the ice touches until the bottom of the cup. It can be easily finished with a few sips. Overall it's just tasted like normal matcha drink. (6/10)
Service: I didn't queue and waited long for the drinks. They even provide a fan and stools for people to wait while queuing. 
Price: RM5/cup
~ No baby chairs available. Only available take away.
~ It is a open air concept. 
~ There are many branches available. Visit their website (Cocorica) to find where is the nearest located store.

I don't get paid by this review and all are my humble and honest review.

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